Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Year in Review

So here’s our year in review…  
Marshall graduates from NCSU with a degree in interpersonal communication. Kellie finishes her first semester at MHS and thanks God for a second chance to start over with new students.

Our puppy Luna is born! We didn’t know about her until a week later. Shortly thereafter we went to meet her, fell in love and paid a deposit.

Luna comes home with Kellie! She lasts about a week then the neighbors complained and she went to live at Marshall’s house.

Marshall turns a year older! We take a trip to NYC to visit M’s cousin under the premise of celebrating his graduation from NCSU. It is really Marshall’s big proposal plan! We are engaged on April 24, 2011. We type up a guest list in the airport on the way home, pick a random day in September and start making plans!

We decide that Marshall’s residence (affectionately referred to as Coyote Ranch) is the perfect location for our wedding. We start brainstorming, crafting and picking out dresses and ties.

School’s out for summer! We sign a lease on a house, Marshall moves in and we pay double rent for a while. Luna likes it.

We find out my sister, Cassidy, is pregnant with our first nephew Oliver. We jump for joy.

Kellie moves into the new house and Marshall starts making room at Coyote Ranch for a wedding.

We tie the knot on Saturday, September 10th in front of our closest family and friends. We estimate this date to be some time close to what was our first date 6 years earlier. We then flee to the mountains for a few days to catch up on sleep as DIYing a wedding is exhausting. A week later we start Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and start making debt-snowball plans.

Our friends Jamie and Brian get married on the 1st! We travel to Damascus, Virginia with our friends Jason and Meghan for camping and a bike ride to the town of Damascus. Kellie fell off her bike at least 10 times and had a wonderful time enjoying the fall leaves. Marshall heads to California for Genius training after being promoted at his Apple store.

Kellie turns a year older and Marshall returns from California just in time for Thanksgiving. We visit his family in Hillsborough and then drive to Shallotte a few days later for Thanksgiving with my family. Fun was had by all.

We start Christmas break a few days early and head to the Bahamas via Charleston and the Carnival Fantasy. While being at sea may not be our thing, we definitely enjoy the relaxation of vacation… And no internet or phone service. We return home in time to celebrate Christmas with our families and enjoy our first Christmas tree and our first home with Christmas lights. Luna likes it too, and is disappointed when Santa doesn’t bring her a little brother. We tell her “maybe next year.”

What a year! Sometimes after Marshall and I take our quarter and reusable bags to Aldi and we are at home talking, putting our treasures away in the fridge I just get this feeling in my heart of undeniable joy. A roof over my head, a best friend as a husband and food to enjoy. Is there anything else I could possibly need? As I am writing this, reflecting on all the blessings of each month I get the same feeling. How very lucky we are to have a God who cares for us so, that not only provides us with the means to fill our fridge each month, but with little bits of joy all year long with family and friends. The best part, is there are already so many exciting things in store for 2012. The first two months will be spent celebrating and preparing for the arrival of little Oliver Roy, Luna’s first birthday, then shortly thereafter the weddings of a few close friends— then our 1st anniversary and then the holidays start all over. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. May there be a wonderful 2012 in store for you and for yours.

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