Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Printable: Today is wonderful!

I got the idea for this from one of my teacher friends that teaches 2nd grade. She lets her students take turns writing on the board why that day is wonderful and I love it. Overall, I am a pretty optimistic person, but sleep deprivation can make anybody a negative Nancy (I am pretty sure I have said the phrase "it's terrible" to Marshall at least 37 times this week already in reference to any and everything). But today! There is something wonderful about it, right? This little board lived in our room for a while when Lincoln was first born and we celebrated whatever. The laundry is caught up! There are many poopy diapers! Lincoln napped in his crib! Something worth noting. It now lives downstairs at our babysitter station and we update it every so often as a little pick me up for ourselves or whoever is watching our little man that day.

I printed it on regular white paper and trimmed it a little to fit in this 8x10 clear display frame someone had given me. Dry erase markers work perfectly on it and erase no problem. Access the PDF to print here.  Enjoy!

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