Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our Everyday Photos: April 11

Monday, April 11th was a fun day! We woke up and went to the park with our friends, came home and ate lunch, played some more downstairs and upstairs in the playroom. Lincoln took a good nap after falling asleep standing up in his crib (this week was marked as "cry it out"week. Hard, but very very good and very necessary!), and woke up, had a snack and then we went for a walk. While we were out walking Dada got home and started making dinner and while he finished up dinner we played around downstairs. After dinner I had to teach a class so I missed bedtime, but next time I want to get pictures from wake-up to sleep time! Each of these is such a sweet part of our days right now. Playing, podcasts, bananas, crazy hair, reading books, baby Legos,  talking on the "phone", snuggling stuffed animals, walks, fun talks about farm animals, obsession with bubbles, trying to eat with a fork... we have fun. Play all day! 

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