Thursday, November 24, 2016

Right Now: 18ish weeks

Right now we're guessing... 17w4d

Right now I'm feeling pregnant in that... growing belly, occasional heartburn, nesting/organizing/cleaning like crazy, some baby kicks! Sometimes I feel tightening like Braxton Hicks but I think it may just be baby wiggling and jumping on my bladder. 

Right now I'm eating... way better than last time, more veggies than last time. Staying gluten and 
dairy free as much as possible, splurging occasionally. Really enjoying fresh vegetables and sweet potato anything. I also am loving water and am really enjoying coffee (read: caffeine) again! 

Right now, like last time... eczema is flaring up in some places (hands, inside of elbows, eyes). I have heartburn sometimes (although not as bad as last time), and trouble sleeping. 

Right now, this is different than last time in that... I'm still having some food aversions? We prepared a little gluten free Thanksgiving for the three of us on Tuesday and I almost puked halfway through. I'm pretty sure it's the turkey that did me in. I'm not gaining nearly as much weight as I did with Lincoln and at times I can still hide the bump. I have an eczema action plan and it is awesome! Flaring, yes. UV therapy, intense moisturizing (different things are working than when I'm not pregnant which is crazy), relaxing, eating well and resting are really helping keep it at bay. 

Right now I'm looking forward to... CHRISTMAS! Today is Thansksgiving, but we already have our tree up and I am counting down until tomorrow when I can pack up all the pumpkins and decorate the tree! Christmas shopping is 99% done (waiting until payday to get the last few gift cards) and I'm excited to relax and enjoy family time this December and not be stressed about Christmas to-do lists. ALSO, we find out gender on December 16th which means some of the baby to-do list stuff can take priority over my free time since Christmas is done! I've had a couple of "it's a girl!" dreams, and then today I was pretty convinced it's a boy since my belly is low, but now I'm looking at this pictures and my belly looks higher than last time so I'm back at I don't know. I know it has nothing to do with belly shapes or carrying or anything, but I carried super low last time which is the supposed 'boy' thing. Chinese gender predictor says boy, we initially thought it was a boy after we found out but my subconscious is hanging on to girly pink and frilly things... 

Right now I'm reading...  Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I'm halfway through AND LOVING IT. 

Right now I'm wearing... all the Lularoe. Much to my dismay, my leggings are a little uncomfortably tight under my belly and on my belly, so I'm not sure I'll be able to wear them for a ton longer. They just squeeze me and make me have to pee. I'm still wearing pre-baby jeans with a hair tie or belly band which is a fun change from last time. I like my skinnies :) 

Right now I'm watching... not really binging anything. Kind of over Gilmore Girls (although I want to watch the Netflix special tomorrow) and The West Wing and Friends, so I've been listening to podcasts and music more. I've recently become really addicted to Amazon Music and making playlists. I have a sick Christmas playlist right now that I adore. 

Right now I'm listening to... Christmas Music! No shame. Same podcast repertoire , but bored with Gilmore Guys. Normal NPR stuff.

Right now kinda nervous about... not really feeling nervous about anything at the moment. There are things that kinds stress me out (say, having a newborn and a 2.5 year old and trying to work through the sleep deprived stupor with no maternity leave), but we've got insurance worked out and my OB is working with me on some things I want to do differently this time (ie; no glucola glucose testing) and I'm feeling pretty okay about things. Obviously, with life/parenthood/anything you're never in the clear with anything, but feeling very confident that this baby's life is ordained for good. Romans 8:28. 

Right now celebrating... I am officially off of Zoloft. I'll probably write more about my decision to get off it it during pregnancy later, but that was SO HARD. Not even really mood-wise, just the physical withdrawal symptoms after going to zero after a FRACTION of a pill was ridiculous. I tried to get off of it once before but I felt so bad physically that it wasn't an option at the time. This time, after weaning down safely I had a couple of really rough days but I'm at a week of being completely off of it and feel so much better, dare I say--normal? Feeling super duper dee duper thankful for that today on this day of giving thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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